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Sarina Garrett

There were probably many couples on the streets again, and hopefully, no one had to feel lonely upon seeing them. Everyone has their way of enjoying Valentines day, and it doesnt always have to be...

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Added by Manuel Lovell

Tue 15th Feb 2022 2:20am

Gabriele Walter

May you have a wonderful valentines day, be it with friends, family, or by yourself. Love is everywhere and in many ways that it has been expressed or repressed. Sometimes its overlooked because of the...

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Added by Zachary Waring

Mon 14th Feb 2022 3:53am

Chelsea Holman

Hey Chelsea, have you been taking enough time for yourself? If not, I hope this serves as a reminder to consider it. Its one of the things we need to prevent burnout. Amidst all the...

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Added by Gabriele Walter

Sat 12th Feb 2022 11:53am

Makayla Fielder

Thank you for those words, Makayla. I do tend to magnify the bad things in my life. It is especially like that when Id fail to meet the standards that I have set. Maybe its...

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Added by Matthew Dickson

Fri 11th Feb 2022 1:20am

Aaron Davison

Thats what I feel now, too. My fur family members make the day brighter, and I cant imagine how Ill spend it without them. In a way, they take care of me as much as...

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Added by Sophie Corlis

Wed 9th Feb 2022 11:45am

Kareem Johnson

Belated Happy Valentines Day! I hope you managed to celebrate it with the people you value. Thats whats important, and I realize that now. You can have food and still feel empty. But our loved...

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Added by Ashley Ford

Tue 15th Feb 2022 1:45am

Bailey B

Hey, I saw your reply on my thread Bailey. In our life, I think its inevitable to hurt people regardless of how much we try to prevent it, given our many differences with each other...

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Added by Emma Stockholm

Sat 12th Feb 2022 11:17pm

Theresa M.

Safety travels! The pandemic took away a lot and gave so many worries. It made us feel that we shouldnt have fun with everything happening. However, I think otherwise. We should celebrate the time we...

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Added by Chad Colen

Fri 11th Feb 2022 11:01pm

Mandy Camarillo

Have you been feeling pressured lately? Let me tell you something. No matter what kind of plans we have in life, its still a future that is yet to happen. Any changes to that should...

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Added by Anthony Shaw

Thu 10th Feb 2022 2:02am

Matthew Dickson

Remember that we are not limited to what we know. So whenever you would belittle yourself, think about your capabilities that are outside your awareness. Were sometimes too focused on our plans that it ends...

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Added by Makayla Fielder

Wed 9th Feb 2022 8:30am

Erin Cole

Indeed, thats true. I would rather fix things instead of waiting for the right timing to do it. I feel unsettled when I know I still have some tasks for the day. Rest can be...

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Added by Windy Cavazos

Mon 14th Feb 2022 10:05am

Erin Cole

Whenever youre feeling down, dont act like yourself. By that, I mean try to have fun, release the tension, and behave foolishly with people who wont degrade you. Humor is a gift that helps anyone...

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Added by Aaron Davison

Sat 12th Feb 2022 10:51pm

Brandy Edwards-Bryant

I saw your post on the forum and want you to know that caring for your husband is a powerful thing to do. As a caregiver, you may feel rejected when your patient doesnt want...

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Added by Alannah Glassey

Fri 11th Feb 2022 11:50am

Joseph Thornton

I pray that you start to recognize the good things that youve done. We may not know each other that well, but Ive noticed how people, in general, tend to be underappreciated. Im here to...

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Added by Chelsea Holman

Wed 9th Feb 2022 12:25pm

Chad Colen

Yeah, acceptance can be hard to take, but thats all we can do at times. Focusing on one thing too much wont do any good, especially if its only triggering more negative thoughts. The good...

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Added by Manuel Lovell

Sun 6th Feb 2022 9:19pm