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Lillian Wilson

I got your happy mail today and was absolutely delighted to receive it. You sure know how to lift a friend up when theyre down. Thanks for thinking of me, Lil!

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Added by Tanya Morgan

Sun 27th Feb 2022 8:11pm

Ebony Clemmons

Youre an inspiration, Ebony. I find the love for your family and the strength of your faith to be incredibly encouraging. May the LORD bless you!

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Added by Andrew Vallen

Fri 25th Feb 2022 6:00pm

Jennifer Roberts

People are often focused on their dream, but isnt just being in the moment wonderful? Im reading a book that says the beliefs on the promises of the future are somehow leading to more unhappy...

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Added by Joseph Thornton

Fri 18th Feb 2022 10:38pm

Makayla Fielder

You have a good point there. Thanks, Makayla. Ive thought that I was being rational all this time when Ive only been degrading myself. I might have overlooked the effort Im giving each day. I...

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Added by Matthew Dickson

Fri 18th Feb 2022 12:26pm

Matthew Dickson

Thats a good thought. Your professor was right about that. For this year, I aim to let go of the things that are not doing me good anymore. Worrying will always be there, but Im...

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Added by Makayla Fielder

Wed 16th Feb 2022 9:10am

Andrew Vallen

Wow, Andrew, youve made my day! Thank you for sending me such an uplifting message. Ill be praying for you and for your family. I hope you enjoy the rest...

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Added by Ebony Clemmons

Sun 27th Feb 2022 3:54pm

Josh Reynolds

Hi, not sure if you still check in, but Ive enjoyed reading your journal entries. Youve reminded me of the good times Ive had with my parents while growing up. You sound like...

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Added by Natalie Jones

Tue 22nd Feb 2022 8:41am

Chelsea Holman

Thinking back, thats how I handled some of the problems that I encountered in the past. We cant force things, and I somehow learned this the hard way. When things are getting too much, go...

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Added by Gabriele Walter

Fri 18th Feb 2022 10:09pm

Desmond Harris

When was the last time you complimented someone? Do you always speak up when needed? These are questions that would stop me on my feet. Maybe its okay to say the wrong things sometimes. At...

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Added by Zachary Waring

Thu 17th Feb 2022 1:03am

Aaron Davison

Thanks, haha, youre right. Its funny how I get conscious even when no one is around. I think I have been too careful with how I act that it has ended up suffocating me. One...

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Added by Erin Cole

Wed 16th Feb 2022 8:40am

Paul Jacobs

From what Ive read on the forum, youre a guy who appreciates humor. So, Im sharing a funny meme that I ran across on Imgur. Laughing lifts my spirits. Hopefully it makes...

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Added by Joey Kowalski

Sat 26th Feb 2022 10:31pm

Ashley Ford

Hey, I saw your post on grief and loss support. Its heavy, but anything that has to do with love will be. Life is a spectrum that continues no matter what. Despite that, I hope...

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Added by Alannah Glassey

Fri 18th Feb 2022 11:37pm

Anthony Shaw

Yeah, pressure and feeling lost kind of sums up my feelings lately because its still hard to make plans with the pandemic. There are just times when Id ask myself the essence of what Im...

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Added by Mandy Camarillo

Fri 18th Feb 2022 1:11pm

Alannah Glassey

Time flies so fast that its almost the third month of the year again. If you have things to do, trust me when I say that the right time is now. Dont aim for perfection...

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Added by Anthony Shaw

Thu 17th Feb 2022 12:34am

Gabriele Walter

Hi Gabriele. Thank you for taking the time to leave me a message. Youre right. Lately, it hasnt been well that I didnt even feel like celebrating Valentines Day. I have no problem doing tasks...

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Added by Chelsea Holman

Tue 15th Feb 2022 3:44am