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Wes Brooks

Hi, again. Do you ever make any of your own memes? Id love to see them if you do. I am all about laughter material.

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Added by Joey Kowalski

Tue 5th Apr 2022 9:48pm

Natalie Jones

Natalie, it sounds like you might be struggling, so Im sending you warm thoughts and positive vibes. Youre doing the best you can, and this stuff is tough. Ill be thinking about you!

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Added by Lola Brown

Sat 2nd Apr 2022 9:24pm

Rhonda White

Thank you for leaving me such a sweet message. I needed to hear that Im a good mom. I forget that sometimes. Your words impacted me more than youll ever know...

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Added by Natalie Jones

Thu 31st Mar 2022 6:56pm

Robby Rackard

Robby, its Mom and Dad checking on you. I was making lunch and thought Id wish you guys a good Sunday afternoon. We love you very much!

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Added by Dana Rackard

Sun 27th Mar 2022 12:32pm

Natalie Jones

Natalie, Im sending you all the love in the world. You come across like such an excellent mother. I hope you can find the solution that works for your family.

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Added by Rhonda White

Thu 24th Mar 2022 7:46am

Robby Rackard

Robby, its Sidney. I heard from your family that youve got something called ALS. I sure am sorry to hear that. Im just a phone call away if I can be of...

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Added by Sidney Ross

Mon 4th Apr 2022 6:48pm

Bev Everleigh

Sometimes its hard, but I try to keep my hope up. I know that I might not have many tomorrows left, but I hope the best days are just around the bend and that...

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Added by Jermaine Richardson

Sat 2nd Apr 2022 4:35pm

Dana Rackard

I am having a tough time, of course, but I try to count my blessings and see the good in every day. I love you guys!

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Added by Robby Rackard

Wed 30th Mar 2022 11:20pm

Ebony Clemmons

Thank you for writing to me. Ive been struggling lately, and your message gave me a dose of happiness. I hope you are doing good.

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Added by Casey White

Thu 24th Mar 2022 5:00pm

Kelly Wallace

I just saw your messages, sis, how are you? I miss you too, but its understandable that you arent always underfoot anymore. Life took us in different directions. I keep saying that Im...

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Added by Robby Rackard

Tue 22nd Mar 2022 4:15pm

Casey White

I just saw your reply message, Casey. Are you okay? Im here to listen to you and to offer support. Check your email. I sent you my cell number. You...

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Added by Ebony Clemmons

Sun 3rd Apr 2022 11:09pm

Declan Middleton

I liked your journal story. Im not usually one who pushes sunshine and rainbows, but I liked your idea of changing the thought process. Its also true. No one is permanent.

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Added by Wes Brooks

Thu 31st Mar 2022 8:36pm

Carla Wesolowski

Your mom mentioned that youre not feeling well, so I wanted to send you some encouragement. Be on the lookout for a package in the mail. Im thinking of you, and Im praying...

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Added by Michelle Xu

Tue 29th Mar 2022 5:47pm

Eddie Byrd

From your profile picture, Im pretty sure you like to be outdoors. So, I hope youve had a chance to get outside since the sun has come out and the weather has warmed up...

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Added by Robby Rackard

Thu 24th Mar 2022 11:59am

Arthur Souza

Thank you for sharing those wonderful memories with us in your journal. We dont cook much in my family, so it was a pleasure to read about how you guys bonded over making the...

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Added by Kimmie St. John

Mon 21st Mar 2022 10:56pm