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Message for Cynthia Arnold

Cynthia, thank you for sending me so many recipe variations for haystacks. My family and I tried your favorite version as a snack, and it was very refreshing. Who wouldve thought that the taste of pineapple and pretzels would make such a great combo? My family enjoyed it very much. Thanks again!
Added by Greg Johnston
on Mon 2nd Aug 2021 10:24pm

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Im like you, except I thought haystacks were strictly a Seventh-day Adventist thing. You should try some... Read the full message

Added by Greg Johnston

Sun 25th Jul 2021 8:30am

Seventh-Day Adventist here, I guess its a small world. Haystacks here start with a corn chip base... Read the full message

Added by Gaddy Claxton

Thu 22nd Jul 2021 12:09am