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Embracing What You Taught Me

You and I had only been married 3 short years when you died July 16, 1989. We both came from bad marriages, and despite our age difference of 19 years, we fell in love and built a happy life together. 18 months after our wedding, you were diagnosed with cancer.
On the night you died, I was holding your hand and...

Posted by Sharon Robbins on Sun 13th Aug 2017 9:35am


When Two Different Perspectives Collide

“Do you think we're all unique grandma?” “Why dear, I've told you as much many times” “Do you think you're unique?” “I may not be a very exciting woman, but I am one of a kind. Why do you ask?” 'Because ever since your diagnosis when we all knew your time was limited, you still give us all the impression you have little to offer...

Posted by Mike Kyl on Sun 30th Jul 2017 11:29am

Looking For Peace Of Mind

We have a senior family member who is now officially seeing his last days. It might be 10, it might be a thousand, but it is imminent. You can tell by talking to him that there is so much more he wants to share with his loved one's before he goes. It is a very bittersweet thing to be a...

Posted by Lance Stevens on Sun 30th Jul 2017 1:14am


Sometimes You Do Not Have To Look Very Far

Thinking back on everyone I have known in my life, I would have to say that my greatest inspiration in my life was one of my older brothers. When I was growing up, life was a bit harder for me than for most. There were things I didn't “get” that seemed to come easy for others. I remember him telling...

Posted by Ben Leary on Sat 29th Jul 2017 4:06pm

Along the way

Now is the time I just have to look back. That's something I've always avoided. From the past, I'd take the lessons learned but I wouldn't allow any more than that into my thoughts. Now it's unavoidable. The thing I notice the most is how little I know, especially when I take into account the fact I thought I knew...

Posted by Irene Mitchell on Sat 29th Jul 2017 10:22am


My One True Love

I thought I'd known love until I held my daughter in my arms for the first time. The feeling is something only a parent knows. It's as if your life is completed, as if you've finally found the love you've been looking for. You instantly know that you'd do anything for this child, that you never want to lose her...

Posted by Tabitha Reid on Fri 28th Jul 2017 1:40pm

A part of me can stay

When thinking about the day I won't be around, I of course think about those I will leave behind. I think about what is it that awaits them, and how will it be for them without me around. It's not that I don't believe that they can make it on their own, it's just that I feel that I could...

Posted by Marie Taylor on Fri 28th Jul 2017 1:37pm


The Gift Of Time WIth You Again

I lost my parents when I was young. My father succumbed to colon cancer when I was 12, and my mother passed away from breast cancer 23 months later. There is so much I think I know about my parents, like the things I remember from my time with them, but even with all of my memories, there is just...

Posted by Sarah Wilder on Thu 27th Jul 2017 8:00pm



Love takes a moment.......Grief takes a Lifetime!! 

Posted by Maria Johnson on Thu 15th Jun 2017 12:16pm

Journal by Jennifer Lichtner

The Hospice Nurse & The Hospice Patient Posted by Jennifer Lichtner on Sat 8th Aug 2015 12:39am View All Journal Entries by Jennifer Lichtner   I'm not exactly sure if I am putting this entry in the right place, but I figured since this is called a "Life Journal," I will put my story here. Having a family member in Hospice can be a...

Posted by Maria Johnson on Thu 15th Jun 2017 12:15pm

Journal by Sheri Weiner

The Candle Posted by Sheri Weiner on Wed 5th Aug 2015 4:11pm View All Journal Entries by Sheri Weiner   One way to remember our loved ones during the Holidays and special occasions would be the use of a memory candle. My family uses a special candle to represent our loved ones when we get together for the Holidays and birthdays. Feel free to use...

Posted by Maria Johnson on Thu 15th Jun 2017 12:12pm

Journal by Kelly Stansell

Forever Long Posted by Kelly Stansell on Mon 31st Aug 2015 7:30pm View All Journal Entries by Kelly Stansell   I am drowning in that day,   Knowing you couldn't stay.   There are no words to say,   That makes the pain go away.   So many thoughts in my mind,   The sad and painful kind.   All the words I could not find,   Until now; being left behind.   I know there is peace along this...

Posted by Maria Johnson on Thu 15th Jun 2017 12:11pm