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Appreciating the digital legacy

The word legacy often relates to a big house, a lot of money, a proud history, or a list of happy moments. None of them lasts forever, though. Despite having a helpful Hospice service, there is no guarantee that Mom can join Dad's next birthday party or come to my wedding reception. That's why we truly appreciate the service here...

Posted by Maudie Sharyn on Thu 30th Aug 2018 12:56pm


From Girls to Grown-Ups

I decided to move into assisted living shortly after my diagnoses.  It was the best choice for me because I have help when I need it, but I'm still able to go places and live independently as much as possible.  My two wonderful daughters helped me move in and get settled.  They visit me on Sundays after church and I...

Posted by Renee Higgins on Sat 25th Aug 2018 12:19pm



It was your idea enlightened so we have now included some emoj's to add some fun and spice to your legcay building pocess. yes  They are easy to find, just look for the "face" in your text creation box - available in all areas.  Support Team kiss 

Posted by Support Team on Tue 21st Aug 2018 8:39am


Dazed and Confused

I don't know who I am anymore.  I used to be this young dude who was a high achiever.  I was known for being the guy who could solve any computer problem. The one who could look at the code, find the loophole, and close it quickly.  Now, I struggle to recite my social security number correctly to the nurses...

Posted by Ryan Collins on Mon 20th Aug 2018 9:36am


A different kind of understanding.

How many times a week did you complain about your beloved ones not truly understanding what you were going through? I lost count of it. We told them so many times, and they failed to get it just as much. Talking to the people in this forum change me for the better. They understand my fears of living and dying. They...

Posted by Leslie Graham on Wed 8th Aug 2018 9:48am


I told her.

I told her.  I finally told my wife, Carol, that the cancer is back and there is nothing more they can do for me. I thought about asking the preacher or the hospice nurse to deliver the bad news, but in the end, I felt I owed it to Carol to tell her alone and in private.  Well, I don't...

Posted by Winston Murphy on Sun 5th Aug 2018 10:56am


Dignity, Privacy, and Social Media

*I gave some advice to Mishanda Lorenzo after she reached out to me.  To put the advice in context, Mishanda's daughter had just been diagnosed with Juvenile Huntington's Disease. She encouraged me to share the portion about social media here since it might benefit others.  I'm posting this from a mobile phone, so please forgive any errors.   Discuss with your daughter how she wants...

Posted by Lillian Wilson on Mon 23rd Jul 2018 10:01am


I love you. Im dying. Im sorry.

I'm a coward.  I found out three days ago that my cancer is back, it has spread into the surrounding organs, and there's nothing more that they can do.  The doctor has placed me on hospice for palliative care.   With my insurance I'll be able to stay at home, so a hospice nurse is coming to set everything up. The...

Posted by Winston Murphy on Sat 14th Jul 2018 8:49pm


Keep up the good work.

As my condition deteriorates, I look back on what I did since I started here. This site showed me that people who fight the toughest battles could still enjoy their lives. They inspired me to do the same for myself. When I thought I had reached the limit, I was proven wrong. Ultimately, I am glad that I have tried...

Posted by Lena Powell on Mon 2nd Jul 2018 1:41am


Stay Positive And Continue Doing What You Love To Do

It’s been about 2 years since I had a mastectomy of both my mammary glands. I prepared myself to rest and made peace with God. I even called all my relatives who are dear to me so that I can talk to them while I’m still alive. Miracle happened after I got off from the hospital. My recovery was very...

Posted by Brenda Ferdinand on Thu 28th Jun 2018 5:32am


Open the Window and Let the World In

Man, sometimes dying is painful. Don't let anyone tell you differently. Some folks just want to hear rainbows and sunshine, but really, it sometimes hurts and that's okay to say.  There are times my lungs rattle and I can't catch my breath.  Times when my I ache clear to my bones and I can't get out of bed.  Those times...

Posted by Denard Jefferson on Sun 17th Jun 2018 6:33pm


I took this life for granted.

Recently, I participated in a volunteer event for an elderly group in the neighborhood. I spent most of the time with a lonely lady who is almost forgotten by her own family. Talking to her brought me to tears as I was strongly reminded not to take anything for granted. Some people were not lucky enough to be blessed with...

Posted by Endy Burke on Sun 10th Jun 2018 8:46am