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So many changes

Posted by Rebecca Callahan on Thu 29th Jul 2021 8:51am

I'm still with my husband now, but a few months ago he sat me down and said our marriage was over and that he wanted to start a new life with another woman.  It turns out that he had his head turned by a colleague.  My husband turned my world upside down that day and left me with an ache that I can't quite describe.  Eventually he came back.  He said he'd made a big mistake, still loved me, and only wanted to be with me.  I'd recently gotten bad news about my health, so my head was already reeling and I took him back.  Now I'm left to wonder if he's here because he truly loves me, or if he's returned because he feels guilty, or if he's come back to support our young children during my decline. I'm finding it strange to make messages for him to receive when I'm gone.  I'm certainly not saying the same things I would have a few months ago.  That's sad.