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Fun, but tired

Posted by Carlos Alvarez on Wed 7th Jul 2021 10:33pm

Is anyone else still all tuckered out after the July 4th celebration?  I don't know if my lasting fatigue is due to ALS, the fact that I'm getting older, the intense heat of the day, or a combination of factors, but I'm still recovering from the military ceremony and festivities.  I'm glad I went.  I started not to because I wasn't sure about going out in my wheelchair, but it worked out just fine.  It felt good that my city decided to honor Vietnam veterans this year.   I grew up in this community and was drafted right out of high school, as were many of my classmates.  I really enjoyed meeting up with some of my old pals who came back for the ceremony.  We yacked late into the night.  I guess a little fatigue is a small price to pay for all that.