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I can still feel her ....

Posted by Anonymous on Tue 14th Jan 2020 7:07am

My wife was a vibrant, out-going person who made my life so beautiful just by being a part of it. She died of heart problems a few months ago, and for a while I lost myself in my grief. It felt like the sun would never shine again, but what they say is true - time does heal a broken heart.

These days I still miss my wife, but now I have realized that whenever I am in a positive mood or attitude that matches who she was, I feel her close to me. I see evidence all around me that makes me think that she is somehow communicating with me, telling me that everything is going to be alright.

At times it's someone who sounds like her, laughs like her or reminds me of her in some way, and other times I hear our favorite song playing somewhere, only to hear it again in a different place within a short space of time. I know it may seem like nothing or just coincidence to a lot of people, but I choose to take it as a sign that she wants me to be happy and to carry on.