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The Gift Of Time WIth You Again

Posted by Sarah Wilder on Thu 27th Jul 2017 8:00pm

I lost my parents when I was young. My father succumbed to colon cancer when I was 12, and my mother passed away from breast cancer 23 months later. There is so much I think I know about my parents, like the things I remember from my time with them, but even with all of my memories, there is just too much missing. I do not know how my dad felt when he saw my mom on their wedding day. I do not know what it was about my dad that my mother admired the most. I do not know what they dreamed I would be when I grew up, nor what they would tell me on my high school graduation day. I can guess at those things, and family members try to fill in the pieces, but I do not know.

I have been married for nearly a year, and I am trying to conceive my first child. I would give anything to have my mom here for advice, or to know what my dad would have said to me as I got ready to walk down the aisle. I wish my husband could have met them. If I received a video or a letter today from either of my parents, I cannot tell you what that would mean to me. To be able to look into their eyes and hear their voice once again; to hear from their lips what they would have wanted me to know on these important days in my life…what an incredible gift.