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Journal by Sheri Weiner

Posted by Maria Johnson on Thu 15th Jun 2017 12:12pm

The Candle

Posted by Sheri Weiner on Wed 5th Aug 2015 4:11pm


One way to remember our loved ones during the Holidays and special occasions would be the use of a memory candle. My family uses a special candle to represent our loved ones when we get together for the Holidays and birthdays. Feel free to use the poem that I wrote to go with our candle!


Throughout the seasons of the year.


How I think of you and wish you were here.


Every Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall.


Constant thoughts of you, I do recall.


Although I was never ready for you to part.


Now I know love keeps a flame in my heart.


During my celebrations throughout the year,


    this candle is how I keep you near.


Lighting this candle represents all my love,


Each time it will honor you, looking on from above. 




Blessings to All,