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Added on Tue 19th Oct 2021 5:04pm   Last edited on Thu 11th Nov 2021 7:43am

Karie Silva


Hello, I'm Karie. I'm taking care of my elderly mom. I recently quit my job to be her full time caregiver. I have 3 other siblings and we were taking turns staying with her but her health took a turn. I'm hoping to make some friends here. My friends don't really know what I'm going through day to day, so it will be nice to chat with other people that do.

Added on Wed 20th Oct 2021 11:13pm   Last edited on Wed 20th Oct 2021 11:13pm

Ebony Clemmons

Hi, Karie, it's nice to have you here.  Caregiving can be quite isolating, so I hope you'll stick around because this place can feel like a lifeline at times.  I have a bit in common with you.  My brother has Huntington's disease, so he moved in with us about a year ago.  My son and I have the gene for developing HD too, but since we're symptom free, I'm mostly focused on my role as a carer at the moment. I'm sorry to hear about your mother's bad turn.  

Added on Thu 11th Nov 2021 7:43am   Last edited on Thu 11th Nov 2021 7:43am

Karie Silva

Thank you Ebony. I'm glad to hear that you are symptom free and I hope you will continue to be. Can you just have the gene and never have the actual disease? Thanks for the warm welcome!