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Added on Mon 11th Oct 2021 1:56am   Last edited on Sun 14th Nov 2021 2:15pm

Ashley Ford

Writing a Letter to Yourself

This pandemic has been such an experience, and although we have had minimal movement, it did change us a lot. Writing anything to your post-pandemic self can help in future endeavors. Somehow, the situation has taught us to be stronger and more resourceful. It's a multitude of experiences that I think any lesson learned during this time will help us later.

Added on Mon 11th Oct 2021 8:15pm   Last edited on Mon 11th Oct 2021 8:15pm

Desmond Harris

Oh, this is a good topic idea for a future message!  I think I'll encourage my family to do this writing exercise too.  Thanks for sharing your idea here. 

Added on Tue 12th Oct 2021 10:39am   Last edited on Tue 12th Oct 2021 10:39am

Matthew Dickson

It would be interesting to know others' experiences, too, during this pandemic. Others had it worse, while more fortunate people probably managed to take it easy. All in all, it'll be nice to hear how some families coped with the hardships throughout the situation.

Added on Sun 14th Nov 2021 2:15pm   Last edited on Sun 14th Nov 2021 2:15pm

Rhonda White

So much has changed since the pandemic first hit.  It has undoubtedly changed each of us on a very deep level.  You have a great idea, Ashley!