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Added on Sun 12th Sep 2021 12:29am   Last edited on Wed 15th Sep 2021 10:58am

Andre Bates


We were looking forward to this year, but things aren't going as well as we hoped. However, I'm thankful that my stress tolerance improved when I learned to talk to myself better. I realized that being tough doesn't have to mean using fear to move yourself to be productive. Rather than preventing myself from having an excuse, I started to ask its cause. It was good to see how I was feeling before starting to do anything again. I hope you can be gentle with yourself too because it's the only way we can live rather than merely survive. How do you take care of yourself?

Added on Mon 13th Sep 2021 11:38am   Last edited on Mon 13th Sep 2021 11:38am

Nina Potter

I find it easier to show compassion for others than I do for myself.  Andre, it sounds like you have a knack for self-reflection.  That's a great skill to have and something I've sorely lacked.  

Added on Wed 15th Sep 2021 10:58am   Last edited on Wed 15th Sep 2021 10:58am

Ashley Ford

Thank you because I needed to see this. I'm the kind of person that likes to focus and avoids making excuses as much as I can. I saw it as weakness and incompetency instead of a sign of fatigue. It's great to have a new perspective about making excuses after all this time.