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Added on Wed 1st Sep 2021 11:01pm   Last edited on Fri 15th Oct 2021 2:41am

Melody Flemons

The Unvaccinated

I am usually a low-key person who doesn't let a lot get to me, but something needs to happen with the anti-vaxxers.. Our hospitals in America are not equipped to handle the extra number of people who need help because they choose to ignore facts and science in favor of unfounded paranoia.

People who are sick and dying by no fault of their own are denied care in some places because there is "no room at the inn".  Hospitals need to do a better job of prioritizing who gets care and who does not. (Another thing the anti-vaxxers are responsible for) 

There should be a new type of patient who takes last place, and that would be the unvaccinated. I don't want to sound cold and heartless, but something has to give when people die because others did not heed warnings based on science.

Added on Fri 10th Sep 2021 2:32am   Last edited on Fri 10th Sep 2021 2:32am

Andre Bates

I'm with you there. People keep talking about their rights as individuals, but it seems that they've never paid attention to the welfare of their community. The whole situation is frustrating because you have a solution, yet others choose not to take it.

Added on Fri 10th Sep 2021 10:20pm   Last edited on Fri 10th Sep 2021 10:20pm

Sarina Garrett

It's not just the hospitals sometimes. In the city I live in, 5 million plus, there is a vacant hospital that could be used exclusively for the Covid patients who did not get vaccinated. Religious exemption or not, everyone should get their treatment in the same place as that, and the state government should use the funds given to them by the Feds to help combat this, and open up that hospital.

Other large, vacant buildings can be used as well, it doesn't just have to be an empty hospital.

Added on Wed 15th Sep 2021 9:42am   Last edited on Wed 15th Sep 2021 9:42am

Theresa M.

It seems silly to me.  I don't see how so many people can afford to take the risk when medical insurance isn't a given in some states, and the price of treatment is extraordinarily high if you're ever hospitalized. 

Added on Fri 15th Oct 2021 2:41am   Last edited on Fri 15th Oct 2021 2:41am

Emma Stockholm

I've seen people on the news who were previously anti-vaccine who started to preach to get vaccinated when they got infected by the virus. The situation is alarming and sad because others only change their minds once they're in the worst-case scenario. Hopefully, things get better, in any aspect at least.