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Jayden Gosman

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Stay Safe!

I got vaccinated already, but there are still people around me who refused to get it. I can't change anyone's opinion about vaccines, and it's indeed their right to have a choice over their bodies. However, these same people are also the ones who refused to wear a mask. It's even on the news that some parents filed a lawsuit regarding wearing a mask. It's chaotic, and the only thing we can do as individuals is to follow what we think is appropriate for our well-being and the community.

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Robert Hendelson

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It's scary that some people still think that the virus is a conspiracy despite the many studies explaining it. I pity those with comorbidities who don't take safety measures. It's as if people have to learn from their mistakes before having to behave accordingly. Well, I hope you stay safe!

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Jeff Marsh

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I have family members who refuse to get vaccinated and then they don't understand why they can't come over to visit me. I have to admit that it stings a bit that they won't just get it.