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Added on Fri 23rd Jul 2021 3:32pm   Last edited on Wed 28th Jul 2021 8:41am

Carlos Alvarez

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Spouse coping?

I hope this isn't too personal to ask, but how is your spouse or long-term partner coping with your diagnosis?  Mine seems to go back and forth between leaning on her Catholic faith and praying for a miracle that's unlikely to come, and researching everything she can about my disease (ALS) in hopes of helping me through it somehow.  I'm not sure which one bothers me more.  Maybe I shouldn't be bothered at all.  How is your spouse coping?  

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Rebecca Callahan

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Coping?  How silly.  Everything is peachy keen in the Callahan household*.

*I believe it's called the denial stage.  Any mention of 'it' and he changes the subject. 


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Robert Hendelson

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It's admirable that your spouse isn't solely relying on faith and is being realistic about your diagnosis. I can sense my partner feels helpless, but on the other hand, we're able to talk about my condition.  It feels somehow lighter to be able to do that, being able to ease her.