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Vernon Orr

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Im Vernon

I am writing this on my grandson's computer.  I hope it works.  He is visiting me in the nursing home.  My grandson brought me a tablet and showed me how to use it so that I can make video messages for them.  I'm not sure what I will say, but I suppose I'll learn more about it here. I used to be an astronomer and still followed my field after retirement until my vision got too bad to do so.  I'm a widower which still feels strange to say.  I guess I'll see my Bess soon enough though. 

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Rebecca Callahan

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It worked, Vernon, your intro is posted and easy to read.  Just wanted to let you know, since you said you hoped it worked.  I struggle with technology sometimes myself.  Welcome to the community!  I've mostly lurked, so I guess you could say that I'm new too.  It's nice to meet you. I sent you a welcome message to the message board, but forgot to mention that everything worked as it should with your post.

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Jason Zimmerman

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Hi!  Check out the "Post-Life Chronicles" tab at the top of the webpage if you need some inspiration for your message topics.  Lots of good info is listed there to get you started.  I've heard that some nursing homes are restricting visitation due to the pandemic, so I'm glad you're able to have visitors come by.