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Added on Wed 2nd Jun 2021 5:48pm   Last edited on Wed 11th Aug 2021 10:51am

Shondra Constante

The Silence

You are in a room with a loved one who is slipping away. You both are visiting until you both have nothing else to say at the moment. Is that silence awkard to you? Unkind? Or is there peace in the room? 

Added on Fri 4th Jun 2021 12:24am   Last edited on Fri 4th Jun 2021 12:24am

Emma Stockholm

I'd say that it shows peace and respect for the other person. I find it uncomfortable forcing things out because it doesn't come off as acting normal. Sometimes, silence can help more than words, especially if those words merely serve as a facade that things are okay. There's also a wonder in just letting things be and existing at that moment.

Added on Fri 4th Jun 2021 8:02pm   Last edited on Fri 4th Jun 2021 8:02pm

Shondra Constante

 "Sometimes, silence can help more than words"

Yes, it can be golden. I just find it hard to differentiate between the two in situations like that. Maybe the situation isn't awkward, but I feel like it is. 

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Jayden Gosman

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I will hold a conversation if I sense that the other person feels uncomfortable about the silence. I don't mind a peaceful atmosphere, but if I sense awkwardness from others, that's when I get affected. Opening up a conversation will still have its challenges, though, because you can't make it appear forced.