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Added on Wed 2nd Jun 2021 1:00am   Last edited on Sun 20th Jun 2021 10:22pm

Andre Bates

Managing your Behavior

I do not like depending on other people because it makes me feel weak and incompetent. But, I've gradually learned through age that it's not so bad receiving support since sometimes it also helps the other person. I'm just worried that when I'm in a bad mood, I end up displacing my irritation to those who are assisting me. I'd feel guilty afterward knowing that they're just trying to help. Tell me, how do you deal with your own attitude? 

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Jenell Libere

I keep it in check as much as I can. Nobody's perfect. A bad attitude will spill over into situations when you don't want them to, but hopefully people are understanding. 

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Robert Hendelson

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After realizing your mistake, you can talk about it with the person you lashed out on. Instead of letting things get awkward, it would be better to talk about what happened because it makes it easier for the other person to interact with you again.