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Added on Wed 5th May 2021 4:44pm   Last edited on Sat 7th Aug 2021 3:55am

Emma Stockholm

Being a Caretaker

It's difficult when you don't know how hospital settings work out with all the papers and stuff. You could end up getting irritated and annoyed while frustrated that you're not understanding certain things. All these frustrations while having to keep a gentle atmosphere when facing your patient. How do you maintain yourself? Caretaker's emotions are valid but we still have to keep our behavior in check to avoid causing distress.

Added on Mon 10th May 2021 8:40pm   Last edited on Mon 10th May 2021 8:40pm

Jenell Libere

When you have to deal with a patient, remember that they are not a piece of paper. They are not the reason you get upset. And even if they are from time to time, you just have to pull your calm and understanding sides out of the closet and wear them. It's not easy sometimes, I know. 

Added on Mon 24th May 2021 11:22pm   Last edited on Mon 24th May 2021 11:22pm

Shondra Constante

I don't know how you gals and guys do it. I have had a hands-off type business relationship in the medical field for a long time now, and you guys are severely underpaid. 

You have my utmost respect.

Added on Fri 4th Jun 2021 1:23am   Last edited on Fri 4th Jun 2021 1:23am

Andre Bates

Tell me about it. You'd get stressed out easily, especially if you're thinking about other responsibilities outside the hospital setting. Then, combine that with hospital paper works that sometimes have vague instructions. Regardless of those things, it's important to be mindful when we're around the patient, who's also our loved one anyway. Be careful not to displace the stress.

Added on Sat 7th Aug 2021 3:55am   Last edited on Sat 7th Aug 2021 3:55am

Crystal Greenwood

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I admire people who have a profession that concerns caring for others.  Not everyone can be patient with assisting patients knowing that most would get annoyed quickly. Maybe you can talk about your feelings with another person if you can't share them with your patient. It'll help you process your thoughts and emotions and will help you avoid lashing out.