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Added on Wed 21st Apr 2021 8:25pm   Last edited on Thu 26th Aug 2021 1:47pm

Theresa M.

Reduce background noise?

I've recorded three messages so far on my laptop.  The recording process is easy to do, but I've noticed that background noise is coming through.  Maybe it's because I live in a condo, but I'm picking up everything from an ink pen dropping on the ground next door, to a baby cooing in the condo above me.  How can reduce I reduce background noise in my video messages?

Added on Mon 10th May 2021 8:54am   Last edited on Mon 10th May 2021 8:54am

Desmond Harris

I have some background noise in my recordings, but I didn't even notice it until you mentioned it here and I began listening for it.  I'm sure your video messages are fine as is, but I can understand being a perfectionist and some people have more sensitive ears than others.  You could try using a fan if you'd prefer steady white noise over the sounds of living in a condo.  Another thing that might help is to adjust your microphone settings.  If you're using Windows you can do it by lowering the "Microphone Boost" option.  If you see any options for "Noise Cancellation" or "Noise Suppression" then make sure to enable those as well.  

Added on Sat 15th May 2021 6:44pm   Last edited on Sat 15th May 2021 6:44pm

Shondra Constante

 You either have a very sensitive mic or very thin walls. LOL

If you do this on a laptop, can you take it somewhere else that is quieter? I know that with some messages background noise doesn't matter too much, but some messages call for an absolute quiet.

The more urgent/personal the message, the quieter it should be.


Added on Thu 26th Aug 2021 1:47pm   Last edited on Thu 26th Aug 2021 1:47pm

Theresa M.

Good grief, I can't believe I forgot to thank you guys earlier for the excellent advice.  I wound up making the technical adjustments and I reserved a private room at the library which was dead silent.  It fixed me right up.  Thanks!