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Added on Mon 15th Mar 2021 3:29am   Last edited on Mon 22nd Mar 2021 6:22pm

Desmond Harris

A tip for filming with phones and tablets

I picked up a small tripod on Amazon for about $10 called the JOBY Mpod, but there are lots of other tripods to choose from.  It's worth getting a tripod if you're going to shoot with a phone or tablet. I found it tiring to try to keep things steady while I filmed myself talking and the video still came out shaky anyway. I'm not tech-savvy, so I didn't know they made tripods for small devices until my grandson told me.  I figured I'd pass the knowledge along in case it helps someone else. 

Added on Mon 22nd Mar 2021 6:22pm   Last edited on Mon 22nd Mar 2021 6:22pm

Carrie Smith

That's a good tip!  It sounds like a much better way to manage than my method which is to prop my tablet up with a book or bottle.  Sometimes it's fine, but other times it falls down and it's frustrating.