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Added on Sat 13th Mar 2021 1:25pm   Last edited on Mon 15th Mar 2021 3:16am

Carrie Smith

Hello from NY

I have COPD and my doctor referred me here so I could leave behind some messages for my daughter and granddaughter.  I raised my daughter, Kelly, as a single mom so we are very close.  She and my granddaughter, Hailey, are in my COVID visitation bubble and we three only see one another socially. I'll be glad when the pandemic is over!  I hate to leave this beautiful world, but I've felt sick for a while and I've pretty much made peace with it.  Well, that's enough about me. Hello! 

Added on Mon 15th Mar 2021 3:16am   Last edited on Mon 15th Mar 2021 3:16am

Desmond Harris

Hi, Carrie, welcome to the forum!   I'm with you about the pandemic.  I'll be so glad when things get better and our lives can look a little more normal.  I'm glad to hear you aren't totally isolated.  Having supportive people around can make a real difference.