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Added on Tue 16th Feb 2021 11:14pm   Last edited on Mon 1st Mar 2021 11:30pm

Randy Kirk

New Here

Hello! My name is Randy. I've been diagnosed with cancer. It's been difficult to wrap my head around this and to try and adjust to the new 'normal' of being so sick and needing so much care. 

Before my diagnosis, I was a huge outdoorsman. I'm not as active as used to be, but I'm still finding ways to get outside and enjoy nature. Birdwatching is my new hobby. 

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Barbara Perry

Welcome to the community, though I wish we were meeting on different terms.  I'm sorry to hear about your cancer diagnosis. Have you started on your messages yet?  Creating messages for my loved ones really helped me feel better about my situation.  

Do you have a bird feeder?  They even make some that can be stuck right on the window.  I used to have one like that when I was in the hospital.  Watching their antics helped keep my spirits up. 

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Randy Kirk

Thank you for your kind words Barbara. It means a lot to connect with other people who are experiencing similar trials.

I haven't started on my messages yet. It just feels like such a huge and daunting task. I haven't fully come to grips with my diagnosis yet. I'll get started on those messages soon. I don't want to put them off for too long. 

I do have a bird feeder! Watching the birds is something that brings me great joy, as you certainly know. I've recently started putting out cheese. The blue jays and the sparrows really like that cheese! 

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Barbara Perry

Gosh Randy, I sure didn't mean to be so pushy.  Creating messages that my loved ones will receive when I'm gone helped me feel better about my situation, so I just assumed that it would help everyone else the same way.  Of course, there's no rush to get started and I'm terribly sorry that you need them in the first place.  Take all the time you need.

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Paul Jacobs

I just saw that you're from Texas, so you might have a lot going on that pushes video messaging to the bottom of the list.  I hope you're doing alright.  When I joined the forum some time ago, I had just been told that the chemo wasn't working and it was time to stop.  I came here to register and it seemed like everyone else was a-okay with what was happening, while I was barely treading water. We all come here (or are sent here) at different stages in our lives.  The way you're feeling is normal.  

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Randy Kirk

Hi Paul and Barbara. Thanks for responding. Barbara, I'm sorry if I came across as upset or annoyed by your suggestion. I appreciate the idea, and once I get settled into a routine, I'm going to start recording the messages for my family and friends. Paul, the part of Texas I'm in was, thankfully, not as impacted by the weather as other areas in my state. Thanks for letting me know that other people have had the same feelings I have. It's good to know there's such a supportive community here.