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CW Lewis


Hey, I'm Christopher Wilson, but only my mother calls me that.  Everyone else calls me CW.  This service was recommended to me because I have HIV.  Keeping people like me alive has become easier, but you never know what the future holds and I've been hospitalized a couple of times, so that's why I joined. Unfortunately, HIV still carries a negative stigma, but I'm hoping to fit in as much as possible. 

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Barbara Perry

Christopher Wilson is a lovely name, but I admit that CW has a nice ring to it and seems less formal.  This is a fun community, despite the fact that our prognosis brought us all here.  You won't have any trouble fitting in.  Everyone seems incredibly open and kind as far as I can tell.  I'm glad you came our way and decided to participate.  Welcome to the group, CW!

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Lillian Wilson

You are very welcome on this board!  There have been other members with HIV.  If I remember correctly, they were nervous about being judged too.  I thought it was odd.  Are we still judging people with HIV today?  I wouldn't think so, but then again, I was shocked at the Nazi symbols and Confederate flags during the D.C. coup on January 6th, so maybe we haven't come as far as I'd like to think.  I'm glad you were brave enough to step outside your comfort zone and give us a chance. 

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CW Lewis

I probably worry too much about it Lillian.  My partner and I both have HIV (we met at a conference about HIV) and we come from unsupportive families due to our "lifestyle choices" so it's tough to know when it's safe to let my guard down.  I have been welcomed warmly so far.  I've even gotten some private messages and patient messages welcoming me to the group.  It means a lot to me!  My partner is too reserved to join in, but he reads here and it makes him smile.  He thinks you all are super nice.