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Added on Fri 5th Feb 2021 9:51am   Last edited on Tue 16th Feb 2021 3:17pm

Reed Mathers

Just saying hi

Hey, I'm Reed.  I have ALS and have been a sad sack lately, so the hospice social worker recommended I come here to start making messages for my children, parents, and wife.  I have fraternal twins who are 8-years old named Oliver and Olivia.  Oliver prefers to go by Ollie, but Olivia is much too serious for a nickname.  I worry about them, like all parents I guess.  My wife, Theresa, has been amazingly strong throughout this ordeal.  She's lots of fun to be around and she's always making me laugh.  We were college sweethearts and are still happily married.  I suppose we've been lucky.  I like to fish.  I guess that's me in a nutshell.  So, hi!

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Lillian Wilson

Welcome, Reed!  I like your name, it's unique.  I'm Lillian, but most people call me Lilly.  Yes, that's a double 'l'.  That's just how my older cousin spelled Lilly and it stuck.  It sounds like you have a loving family to help see you through the valleys of ALS.  That's usually a plus.  I'm glad you found us and decided to join in.  

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Marvin Morgan

 It must be tough sometimes when you have such young children.  You sound like an excellent father.  I wanted to welcome you to the group.  It doesn't hurt that I like fishing too, and noticed that's your hobby.

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Jessa Patrick

Welcome! It's wonderful that you joined our group. I'm caring for my father, and I've found so many supportive, kind people here. I know you'll find the same to be true! 

On a (slightly) different note, I don't like to fish, but I had pet fish when I was younger. :)