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Dont send me one?

Do your loved ones know that you're leaving behind messages for them?  Has anyone declined to receive a message?  I got my first unfavorable reaction and it stings a little because the two of us are close. 

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Wes Brooks

You can't take it personally, OP.  If I've learned anything since landing on hospice, it's that people respond to death and grief in many different ways.  My wife seems to feel much lighter and happier since hospice recommended this service to us.  She wants me to leave messages to her for all the special occasions and holidays, even years down the road.  She says it will make her happy to hear from me and the messages will help her heal.  Now, if the shoe was on the other foot, I'd be horrified!  It would make me too sad.  I am including a note in my wife's first message, just letting her know that it's okay to stop accepting my messages whenever she's ready to move on, but from what I've seen, I think people like your friend and I are in the minority. 

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Debora Jay

I guess it is their choice if they want one or not. Then again, it's your choice if you make one anyway. It's up to them if they view it. You will be gone before they make that decision. I have not told anyone about the videos yet. I hope people don't tell me no. I probably won't tell anyone that I am (just my husband).
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Adam Wells

My parents don't, can you believe that?  Actually, I get why they don't.  My mom and dad say that they already know me inside and out, so they know exactly what I'll say to them.  My mom even rattled off some of it, and she was right. They also seem to think that I could be jinxing myself to an early grave.  It's ridiculous, but that's their fear. 

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Jeff Marsh

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Personally, I find that quite strange, but I would try not to read too much into it.  I stopped dwelling on a lot of stuff after I learned that I have a terminal illness.  Life is too short!  Instead of worrying, I'd channel my energy into creating meaningful messages for those who would be happy to get them.