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Added on Wed 19th Aug 2020 10:29am   Last edited on Wed 9th Sep 2020 6:04pm

Jasmine keller

Telling people

I was just diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and I'm mad! I have only told a few people and those people already treat me different. It's not contagious! I don't need to be handled with kid-gloves on. I think I'm just mad at life right now!

Added on Sun 23rd Aug 2020 11:45pm   Last edited on Sun 23rd Aug 2020 11:45pm

Sherry Price

I'm sorry that you're feeling alienated.  I bet you've already heard the usual rhetoric that it's not intentional and that those people just don't know what to say.  I'm sure that's true on some level, but that doesn't make it any less frustrating and hurtful. When I'm feeling ignored or alienated by those I care about, I just keep reaching out.  You know, neither one of us thought I'd be facing death so soon and neither one of us knows how to deal with it, but how about we try facing this together instead of me facing it on my own!  Let them know how they're making you feel.

Added on Thu 27th Aug 2020 3:38pm   Last edited on Thu 27th Aug 2020 3:38pm

Derek T.

Your anger is valid.  Vent, scream, fuss, it's all completely understandable and it might even make you feel better to let it all out.  What exactly are your friends and family doing to upset you?  I can't reconcile "treating me with kid-gloves" with "acting like I'm contagious" since the first shows that they mean well, even if it's annoying, and the second shows they're mostly concerned about themselves.  

Added on Sun 6th Sep 2020 9:42pm   Last edited on Sun 6th Sep 2020 9:42pm

Marcie Keel

I'm sorry to hear that they are treating you differently. The same is happening to my gram. I'm not though. Maybe the family is scared because they are losing you and they don't want to upset you. Just keep trying to talk to them.
Added on Wed 9th Sep 2020 4:50pm   Last edited on Wed 9th Sep 2020 4:50pm

Virginia Chambers

I hope things start going better for you soon!  You deserve to be treated as a whole person.  Hopefully they'll see the light soon enough.

Added on Wed 9th Sep 2020 6:04pm   Last edited on Wed 9th Sep 2020 6:04pm

Jasmine keller

Thank you everyone for your kind words and advice. I did vent (here) and yell (at home) and I feel better. I know my family means well but it still bothers me. I am not sure how much longer I will be around and I want it to be as normal as it can be.