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Added on Fri 14th Aug 2020 9:50pm   Last edited on Mon 1st Feb 2021 9:14pm

Derek T.

Never spend before you have it

Whether we're going to get another stimulus check still hasn't been decided.  Unfortunately, that hasn't stopped some folks from running up their credit cards or raiding their savings unnecessarily, because they think it can all be replaced or paid off once their second stimulus check comes in.  These are hard times and I'm not talking about paying the bills or buying life-sustaining necessities.  I mean throwing down money on expensive extras.  Some folks struggle with frugality, especially when they think a windfall is coming in.  Here's the thing, you can never count on money until it's in your hand.  Those people are going to learn a hard lesson if the second stimulus check isn't approved.  I recorded this message for my family today - never spend money before you have it. 

Added on Tue 18th Aug 2020 8:27am   Last edited on Tue 18th Aug 2020 8:27am

Virginia Chambers

I've noticed the same trend where I live.  That's a good message to leave behind for your family.  Hopefully it will keep them from having to learn the hard way.

Added on Sun 1st Nov 2020 9:40am   Last edited on Sun 1st Nov 2020 9:40am

Shondra Constante

It's unfortunate that this happens. I think I read yesterday where Pelosi said it's not going to happen because both sides have differences of opinions that are too big to overcome. This is all very unfortunate, but it's also the perfect time to preserve this part of history in our recordings for our loved one. 

Added on Fri 1st Jan 2021 12:09am   Last edited on Fri 1st Jan 2021 12:09am

Josh Reynolds

I've just started noticing this too.  People I know are putting big purchases on their credit card because they believe more stimulus checks are coming.  It's such a bad idea to run up a charge card like that.

Added on Mon 1st Feb 2021 2:46pm   Last edited on Mon 1st Feb 2021 2:46pm

Debora Jay

I don't think that will ever change. People always seem to live beyond their means. It's crazy! I know people that are buying a bunch of stuff because they are getting a lot back through their taxes. We always paid our bills ahead but some don't.
Added on Mon 1st Feb 2021 7:33pm   Last edited on Mon 1st Feb 2021 7:33pm

Sean Zace

That's a great topic for a video, a great lesson at any time. I see people doing that here too, spending like we already got another stimulus check. I mean, that is what it is for, to stimulate the economy. I don't count on the money though, not until I see it in my account.
Added on Mon 1st Feb 2021 9:14pm   Last edited on Mon 1st Feb 2021 9:14pm

Jasmine keller

I agree wholeheartedly with the original poster. People are just buying things on credit expecting to receive another stimulus payment. Not me and our family, we aren't banking on another payment. It will be a welcome surprise if we get it.