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Added on Wed 24th Jun 2020 4:05am   Last edited on Wed 9th Sep 2020 2:27pm

Caroline Bell

Home Health Care and Safety

I think I'm going to need to hire some home health care soon as I'm getting weaker and can't do as much as I used to. Has anyone had any recent experiences with home health care? How are they keeping everyone safe right now? I'm nervous about letting people into my home right now due to COVID, but I also know that I need help. 

Added on Wed 9th Sep 2020 12:17am   Last edited on Wed 9th Sep 2020 12:17am

Sherry Price

I'm not sure, Caroline, as I've never had to hire help before.  That's a darn good question though!  I bet each subset of Home Health Care does things a little differently.  Checking your local reviews might help you the most.  I hope you find what you need!

Added on Wed 9th Sep 2020 2:27pm   Last edited on Wed 9th Sep 2020 2:27pm

Marcie Keel

I am sure that there are several things that the companies are doing to be sure their workers are healthy. For starters, wearing masks and gloves. I would call around to talk to providers and ask those questions. I hope you find someone to help you.