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Added on Mon 22nd Jun 2020 5:00pm   Last edited on Tue 23rd Jun 2020 3:32pm

Nathan Lewis

Which microphone do you use?

I'm using a Dell laptop with Windows 10 to record my messages for the most part.  They look good.  I've figured out the lighting part like any selfie taker from my generation.  What needs work is my audio.  I have a habit of mumbling and some parts are hard to pick up.  I think I'd sound better if I just used a mic.  I can't run out and grab a mic here and there to try since I'm on a budget.   If you're using a microphone, do you mind sharing its name?

Added on Tue 23rd Jun 2020 1:37pm   Last edited on Tue 23rd Jun 2020 1:37pm

Darnell Washington

I'm using the Blue Yeti microphone, mainly because my son already had it.  This microphone is very easy to use.  I just plug it into the USB port and I'm ready to go.  It sounds good too.  I don't know much about the price, since like I said, my son already had it.

Added on Tue 23rd Jun 2020 3:32pm   Last edited on Tue 23rd Jun 2020 3:32pm

Jackson Ford

I usually record myself without a microphone and I don't think they're necessary, but sometimes I use a Samson Go Mic which was less than $40.  It's easy to set up and it enhances my speaking voice.  I don't have to talk as loud when I use it.