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Added on Wed 29th Apr 2020 7:54pm   Last edited on Sun 24th Jan 2021 7:32pm

Derek T.

The Will

I wrote a journal entry earlier about how my wife and I are struggling to divide our estate amongst our adult children in a way that is both fair and helpful and leaves everyone feeling equally loved.  Because that's hard to convey in a legal document, we've decided to create a message for each of them, explaining our decisions and feelings on the matter so there'll be no room for regrets or hard feelings.  We also have some household and personal effects to hand down and since they won't be listed in the will, we're going to include those in the video message that the executors will send to our children when we pass away.  What do you think?  Is anyone else doing something similar?  

Added on Thu 30th Apr 2020 8:05am   Last edited on Thu 30th Apr 2020 8:05am

Caroline Bell

Derek, I think that is a fantastic idea! I only have one child, so it's not complicated for me. I can't imagine having the task of trying to divide my estate and belongings among children. I think you are handling this situation very well. 

Added on Thu 30th Apr 2020 11:44am   Last edited on Thu 30th Apr 2020 11:44am

Brenda Turpin

I read your journal entry, and I probably would give my caregiver more of the inheritance if I was in that situation.  I've been in the caregiving role and it is hard work both emotionally and physically.  I felt blessed to do it though.  I handed down my keepsakes before I came to the hospice care facility.  We talked to our kids directly about our wills.  My husband will own everything that I owned until he passes, other than what I've already dispersed. 

Added on Mon 8th Jun 2020 8:11pm   Last edited on Mon 8th Jun 2020 8:11pm

Darnell Washington

I need to make one up, so thanks for the reminder.   I'll likely pass before my wife, so I'll have it set up so that everything goes to her in that event.  I can't see my children fighting over the will.  Maybe my wife and I are just lucky or maybe my wife and I just don't own anything worth fighting over, either way I'll take it.

Added on Sun 24th Jan 2021 7:32pm   Last edited on Sun 24th Jan 2021 7:32pm

Jasmine keller

I really like this idea. I wondered how I would relay this information to my children. I'm leaving them both of my children sentimental things and I want them to know why. I didn't think about leaving videos explaining why. Do you want your kids to watch them together or separate?