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Added on Wed 18th Mar 2020 3:45pm   Last edited on Thu 19th Mar 2020 7:37am

A.J. Patterson

Uploading old pics

I've created several messages already and it's been smooth sailing until now.  I'm having a problem with an image.  I want to include an old photograph of my grandparents on their wedding day.  It's obviously not in a digital format as it didn't exist back then.  How do I upload this photograph?  I tried taking pictures of the photograph with my tablet,  but they all turned out too blurry, so uploading a pic of the pic hasn't worked.  Any suggestions?

Added on Wed 18th Mar 2020 6:03pm   Last edited on Wed 18th Mar 2020 6:03pm

Paul Jacobs

Do you have access to a wand scanner or to a printer/scanner combo machine?  That's what I used to upload my black and white photos.  I scanned them and saved the images to my computer and then uploaded from there.  Some of these scanners are wireless and whatever you scan can go straight to your tablet, phone, computer, or to the cloud (online storage) without you having to physically connect to the device.  Holler if you need help with the steps. 

Added on Wed 18th Mar 2020 9:30pm   Last edited on Wed 18th Mar 2020 9:30pm

Randy Gillis

Tablets are the worst when it comes to creating blurry images.  Do you have a smartphone?  They take better photographs.  I read that in Consumer Reports and thought they were nuts until I tested it out.  Sure enough my iPhone takes better pics than my iPad every time.  

Added on Thu 19th Mar 2020 12:04am   Last edited on Thu 19th Mar 2020 12:04am

Brenda Turpin

The easiest solution is to hold the photograph in front of your webcam while you're talking about it.  You don't have to hold it up the whole time, just long enough for it to be seen. The other answers are great and might even work better, but we're all at different stages in our prognosis and this gal has gone too far downhill for all that. 

Added on Thu 19th Mar 2020 7:37am   Last edited on Thu 19th Mar 2020 7:37am

A.J. Patterson

Brenda, I think you've got the right idea.  I'm not exactly poorly at the moment, but my hands shake thanks to the medicine I take for my COPD.  I think my picture of a picture is destined to be blurry no matter which device I use.  I'll just hold the photo old close to the webcam when I'm talking about it.  I don't know why I didn't think of that in the first place really.  Thanks for the help everyone.