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Added on Wed 12th Feb 2020 12:33pm   Last edited on Sun 16th Feb 2020 2:06pm

Kelly Allen-Webb

Hi, Im Kelly

I've sent a message or two on the patient message board and figured I should introduce myself.   Hi!  I'm glad to have found you all.  I'm acting in a dual role right now as I'm caring for my elderly father who has black lung disease from working in the mines, and I have Parkinson's disease, so we've both seen better days.  I can't complain too much though, because he's agreeable and easy to care for and my Parkinson's is controlled pretty well by medicine at the moment.  Needless to say my main concern is doing the best I can for my father right now.  He's never wanted to go to a care home and I hope to keep him with me.  Thankfully, he gets a lot of help from hospice which makes a huge difference in our day to day activities.  The nurse mentioned how my dad could leave messages behind and that really perked him up.  

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Kendra Lee

It's nice to meet you, Kelly.  I joined this site a few weeks ago and it's been really helpful.  It sure sounds like your plate is full.  It's amazing that you're handling your father's care along with your own.  I admire your tenacity!

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Kelly Allen-Webb

Kendra, as much as I appreciate your supportive remarks, I fear I've led you astray.  You see, I get a lot of help from my husband.  He's very hands-on and not afraid to scrub Dad up at night or take him to the doctors.  I'm definitely not going it alone.  The kids also pitch in when they can.   I wish I got more help from my brothers, but overall I can't complain. 

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Charlie R.

Kelly, I'm glad you dropped in and decided to join us.  I have to agree with Kendra that you're amazing for taking all that on.  I hope you and your dad enjoy the experience of creating messages for loved ones. 

Added on Sun 16th Feb 2020 2:06pm   Last edited on Sun 16th Feb 2020 2:06pm

Kelly Allen-Webb

I really appreciate the warm welcome and I guess I do have a tendency to vocally minimize my contributions to my family.  My dad thanks me all the time.  I'm enjoying the extra time we have together.