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Added on Wed 12th Feb 2020 11:29am   Last edited on Fri 14th Feb 2020 12:56pm

Phil Lieberman

Divorced twice=no marriage advice?

I've been running through some of the topics under the Post-Life Chronicals section.  I see that "marriage" is one of the themes we might consider in our messages.  So my question is, how would you feel about getting marriage advice from someone who is on his third marriage?  I feel like my advice is handy because I know what not to do.  I don't want to cause a bunch of eye-rolling though.  So, if you've been divorced once, twice, or thrice are you out of the running to give marriage advice?  


Added on Wed 12th Feb 2020 12:49pm   Last edited on Wed 12th Feb 2020 12:49pm

Kelly Allen-Webb

Nice rhyming on the end there with thrice and advice.  I think your message will probably induce some eye-rolling, but to be fair, I think most children, no matter their age, can't help but roll their eyes when their parents try to give them marriage advice.  I know I still do it when my dad doles it out, even though he was happily married until my mom made him a widower.  I still take it in though and his marriage advice is often spot-on.  

Added on Wed 12th Feb 2020 3:28pm   Last edited on Wed 12th Feb 2020 3:28pm

Phil Lieberman

Yeah, I can see that being the case.  I thought about making my video pretty snarky by mimicking today's clickbait culture.  Something like, "How-to make your spouse miserable in 5 easy steps."  Or maybe I'd go with, "Can you really get married three times before you're 50?  Of course you can and I'll tell you how it's done."  Of course, that might be even more cringe inducing than just telling it to them straight.  

Added on Fri 14th Feb 2020 8:33am   Last edited on Fri 14th Feb 2020 8:33am

Kendra Lee

I would dig your self-deprecating take on marriage if I was the receiver.  If your family enjoys cheeky humor, then I bet they will like it too.  It's certainly different.   However, I don't think it's the only way you can go and I doubt your words of wisdom would be ignored just because you've been divorced before.  Divorces are pretty common now.

Added on Fri 14th Feb 2020 12:56pm   Last edited on Fri 14th Feb 2020 12:56pm

Phil Lieberman

Thanks, Kendra for saying that.  I've heard that the divorce rate is high nationally, but it sure feels like I've had more turns under the canopy than most others I know.  I guess it's a sore point for me, but one that I own.  Thanks for your tips!