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Added on Thu 6th Feb 2020 1:43pm   Last edited on Mon 17th Feb 2020 9:30am

Phil Lieberman


Hello, I'm Phillip, but most people just call me Phil.  Lewy body dementia is what brought me here.  I'm in the very early stages so it's not too noticeable.  Of course, I'm worried about the future though.  I've noticed that my thumbs "act up" as I'm typing unless I concentrate on keeping them still,  so the disease is progressing.  While I'm still able to operate a computer, I figured I'd bang out this intro then get to work on my messages.  

Added on Thu 6th Feb 2020 4:46pm   Last edited on Thu 6th Feb 2020 4:46pm

Charlie R.

Hiya Phil, welcome to the forum.  How are you doing today?  I'm not familiar with your disease, but just chatting with other people who are dealing with many of the same fears and stresses has helped me tremendously.  It's a great place for bouncing message ideas around.  

Added on Sun 16th Feb 2020 11:31am   Last edited on Sun 16th Feb 2020 11:31am

Ebony Clemmons

This is a great group to lean on when there's something on your mind or you need inspiration for your messages. Welcome to the forum, Phil!

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Phil Lieberman

Thank you both for welcoming me into the fold!  Charlie, I'm not doing too bad yet.  Part of my disease is having delusions, kind of like taking tripping on acid (or so I'm told) without taking acid.  Acid?  I think that's the drug.  I forget things more easily now, but I know it was described as taking a drug.  Anyway, that part isn't too bad and the meds I take help with the shaking and such. I feel bad for my family and the future worries me quite a bit.  I guess that's just part of it though.