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Charlie R.

All the single ladies (and fellas)!

I'm kind of the maiden aunt in my clan.  You know what I mean?  Just an independent gal, no husband, no kids,  living all alone - except for the cats.  The cats help shore up that spinster image, of course.  For the most part, I've been okay with that stereotype and have embraced it as I've gotten older.  I don't feel like I've missed out by not getting married and starting a family.  There's only one problem - who gets my stuff?  I'm not a wealthy woman by any means, but I have a decent car to pass down, an odd bit of jewelry, books, and other mementos.  I have photos and other sentimental treasures as well.  Who do you offload these things to when you're a singleton?  How does the actual disbursement of stuff go?  

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Kendra Lee

I would hang onto anything of value, including the jewelry, because it might be needed down the road.  You really don't know how much your care might cost and insurance can always change.  There could be a natural disaster or one of your pets might get sick and need an expensive procedure.  You can't predict the future, so hang on to your assets and create a will to divvy it all up. 


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Charlie R.

That makes sense, Kendra, but won't that leave a huge mess behind for others to clean up?  I have someone in charge of getting my cats, but what about all the other stuff?  Although my parents are alive, they aren't spring chickens and they don't live nearby.  I hate to leave a mess for others to clean.  When my grandmother passed away it took months to clean out her home so it could be sold.  It was such a hard thing to do on top of mourning for her.  It took five of us to get through it all and we cried and cried.  I don't want to put anyone through that. 

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Kendra Lee

I understand that and it's wise of you to think forward.  You can shred your old paperwork, receipts, and documents that you won't need again during your lifetime and that your estate won't need to settle your affairs.  You can give away stuff that isn't of monetary value.  Do you already have some people in mind who would like your sentimental items and photos?  That's where I'd start, by creating a list of your treasures and the people you love and start matching them up.  You can go ahead and give these items away if you'd like.  I'm in the midst of doing that right now.  I gotta warn you though that this younger generation doesn't seem to be into knickknacks or wall decor so don't be surprised if no one wants some of your things.  I felt pretty miffed at first, but have come to terms that it's not a rejection of me, they're just all about minimalism now.

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Marsha Onlay

I'm here for the roll call of single ladies.  Charlie, I've had those same concerns!  It's daunting going it alone in a way, but I try to remember that I have tons of supportive friends and family who I can call on.  If you ever need another single gal to chat with, Charlie R., I'm your girl.  

I'm going to steal some of your tips, Kendra.  You give great advice!