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Added on Wed 15th Jan 2020 1:40pm   Last edited on Tue 28th Jan 2020 9:35am

Kendra Lee

The Unburdening

 In my head I think of it as "The Unburdening."  Kind of like a ritualistic event.  It's this compulsive urge to confess it all, to lay myself bare and spill my secrets before I die.  Has anyone else felt this way since being placed on hospice?  I don't really plan on doing it.  Even though it would unburden my mind, that burden would simply shift to someone else to carry.  Plus, spilling it all could seriously damage my familial bonds.  If you're also feeling the urge to confess, do you think you'll ever go through with it? 

I hope my questions aren't too intrusive.  I'm just wondering how common it is to feel this way and how most people react to it.

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Charlie R.

Hiya, Kendra!  I can't say that I've felt that way, mainly because I've led a boring  stable life and have nothing to confess.  Truth be told, I'm an awful liar and can't take the guilt that goes along with it, so I've never been one for secrets.  If I put myself in those shoes, I'd probably confess if I thought my family and friends were bound to find out about the "bad thing" I did as part of cleaning up my estate after death.  I wouldn't want them to be blindsided. 

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I found out that I have a half-brother after my dad passed away.  Mom never suspected him of having an affair.  We only found out through the bank documents that showed my dad paid the woman off.  That was an awful way to find out.  It's also particularly cruel that he's not here to answer for it.  We can't fuss at him or share our pain over what he did to us.  We can't get any answers.  He wasn't the man I thought he was.  If you're going to take your secrets to the grave, better make sure you don't leave any documentation behind either. 

Added on Tue 28th Jan 2020 9:35am   Last edited on Tue 28th Jan 2020 9:35am

Jackson Ford

What a rotten way to find out, Anonymous!  It just seems callous.  I've read that those DNA testing kits have outed many affairs and questionable parentage.  It's an awful way to learn the truth.  I think that if a secret will come out eventually, I'd confess so the person won't find out in such a horrific manner.  Confess, let them ask questions, and take your lumps.