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Sammy Delaney

Christmas movies to avoid

If your family is like mine, you're probably knee-deep in Christmas themed movies right now.  Since I've been diagnosed with a terminal illness, I've noticed that several Christmas movies are actually awfully depressing.  Please share the names of Christmas tales that are dark, disturbing, sad - whatever you want to call it.  

The Family Stone - It's a funny movie with an all-star cast.  It has sweet moments.  However, the wife dies of breast cancer and it obviously takes a toll on the family.  Those parts really upset my oldest kid (youngest didn't watch). She was crying that Christmas will never be the same without me.  And while I'm sure that's true, there's no need to remind her about that via film. 

Home Alone - It's a funny movie that we all loved before I was diagnosed.  This time I was infuriated at how little those parents cared for poor little Kevin.  I put my kids above all else and here I am going to die before they're grown.  It's not rational, I know it's just a movie, but it bugged me. This one didn't bother the kids though.

Christmas with the Kranks - It's incredibly funny and used to be a family favorite.  Unfortunately, one of the supporting characters has cancer.  She and her husband are elderly, lack family support, live alone, and clearly depend on each other.  There are some serious moments where it's obvious she feels bad and her husband is very sad.  This one bothered Sidney and me.  She'll be the spouse left behind and I know she's scared for me and for our family. This one didn't bother the kids though.

Please share any movie titles that are best avoided.  I'd love to hear about any Christmas movies that don't have any depressing moments too.   


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Josh Reynolds

For some strange reason, many Christmas shows have a plot based on loneliness, estrangement, divorce, poverty, and death.  I've always found that odd.  The Holiday isn't necessarily just about Christmas, but it's often shown on cable television this time of year.  One of the character's had a spouse who passed away leaving him behind with their two young daughters. Frosty the Snowman is also terribly sad.  Karen's only father figure basically melts to death in order to keep her warm.  Jack Frost might be the worst of them all.  The dad gives his son, his harmonica before heading to a big gig.  The dad dies in a car wreck, his son plays his harmonica, and the dad's soul enters a snowman.  Much like what happened in Frosty the Snowman, the kid spends time trying to keep his dad from melting.  In the end the dad heads for the afterlife and it's a gut-wrenching scene.  

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Katie Phillips

Frosty the Snowman really is a sad one! I remember crying when Frosty melts. 

Collateral Beauty is about a father who's lost his child. He's grieving, and writes letters to Love, Time, and Death. He gets responses from them all. Meanwhile, his his business partners are trying to prove he's mentally unstable so they can sell the company. What a message to send grieving people!

the Best Man Holiday is a film about a group of friends coming together at Christmastime to celebrate the holidays and catch up after being apart for 14 years. It's supposed to be a comedy, but one of the friends has cancer. 

I never realized how depressing so many holiday films are. That's just sad. 

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