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Added on Wed 9th May 2018 4:49pm   Last edited on Tue 29th May 2018 5:18am

Eric Rogers

Making them laugh

I'm a bit of a goofy dad.  I play pranks on my kiddos, tell silly jokes, just do what I can to make them laugh.  No doubt about it, some of my messages to them are somber in nature because I'm covering serious topics.  But overall I just want my kids to smile and feel happy when they hear my voice and see my image after I'm gone.  So, I've started incorporating some of that goofiness into my HeartPrints & American Pride by wearing silly costumes and using props like large cutouts of emojis.  It's just a shtick that I've added added to a couple of my messages to keep things light.  Due to the type of cancer I have, I know my children will still be young enough to enjoy my silliness in the messages to them.  Have you found interesting ways to create fun HeartPrints & American Pride for your kids?  I'd love to hear some new ideas. 

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Jan Berkshire

In the south we would say that you sound like a real hoot.  I'm not a funny enough gal to pull that off, but I'm sure your kids will love it.  Humor is something worth living for. 

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Rosa Gonzales

I'm glad humor works for you and your family. You sound very silly indeed and I'm sure your children will be very grateful for your attempts to lighten the mood. There's no easy way to go about such discussions but of course, humor could certainly work. I, myself am also a little bit of a joker and I would love to give my family the gift of laughter after I am gone. Sadly, I am afraid that it would not be very helpful for them. My two girls are not very serious people but in regards to my condition, they become the image of stoicism. I would like to be able to use humor in my videos but I fear that I might not hit the right chords. Do you have any tips on how you do it in a way that would not accidentally hurt them, Eric?