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Added on Sun 15th Apr 2018 5:16pm   Last edited on Mon 18th Jun 2018 8:23am

Jasmine Robinson

Cheering my husband on

My husband is my confident, partner in crime, and perfect soulmate.  He will be the single parent of our two wonderful children once Im gone.  I am worried of course, but my husband has been an excellent, hands-on father since day one so I know hes up for the job.  Still, its not an easy position to be in so Im making him a personal video to pump him up on the rough parenting days.  Ive written my message out and plan to add inspirational music and family pictures as well.  This will fit perfectly with his sense of humor while letting him know that every parent has those days.  Hes their dad and I know he is doing a fantastic job on his own.  

I could use some help with the music.  Which songs pump you up and offer encouragement?  Im looking for cheerful, upbeat, empowering music. 

Added on Sat 28th Apr 2018 2:42pm   Last edited on Sat 28th Apr 2018 2:42pm

Ruth Barlow

It's a beautiful idea that you have for your husband.  I'd love to help, but I mostly listen to country music and it's usually about breaking up and making up in teary detail.  Maybe it would be fine to leave the music out of it and focus on candid family photos and your uplifting message. 

Added on Wed 2nd May 2018 3:43pm   Last edited on Wed 2nd May 2018 3:43pm

Jasmine Robinson

Yeah, I may leave the music out, Ruth, since it would certainly make things easier.  I've been looking over our family photos and found some great shots.  I know I'll have more to add after Father's Day as well. 

Added on Mon 18th Jun 2018 8:23am   Last edited on Mon 18th Jun 2018 8:23am

Endy Burke

That is wonderful! I fully support your plan. What do you think about using his favorite song or one that is special for both of you? He may feel more encouraged if he can identify the song. I haven't made a specific message to my wife, so now I'm thinking of making one. What do you include in your message?