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Mary Ellen Miller

Encouraging behavior that you arent showing?

I'm from a large Methodist family and growing up, we took Lent seriously.  It's a time for self-denial, but I've noticed that we're slacking off with the new generation of young ones including my own.  I'd like to create a video encouraging my children to embrace the Lenten season.  It sounds simple enough; however, I feel like a hypocrite every time I try.  My doctor says fasting is out because I can't lose more weight and even though my parish says I'm covered under the "fragile health" umbrella, I still feel terrible about it.   Some of my family members are too young to remember the years where I faithfully followed our religious practices.  How do I handle this recording so it comes across as sincere?

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Sylvia D.

Hi, Mary Ellen. Maybe it would help if you did some recordings where you read scripture and then you can talk about how you feel about the various chapters and verses. Explain that God understands your situation right now and that you're praying your family members will continue the traditions with the same verve you used to have. I think just letting them know how much your faith means to you will inspire them. I hope this helps to point you in the right direction.

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Mary Ellen Miller

You've been a big help, Sylvia!  No matter what I tried, I just couldn't create an eloquent message on this issue.  I find myself struggling to put my thoughts and feelings into words when it's a topic I care most deeply about.  Glad I can come here for help with the hard stuff - I used many of your ideas!

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Carl Jones

Maybe a slow and simple approach may work better. Get them involved in religious things you can do, remind them without preaching about how important it is. Talk about things they can possibly do, not something too complicated. Like Sylvia said, since it's not something you can force others to follow, you will have to show them how important it is to you and hope that they will follow on their own.