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Added on Mon 8th Jan 2018 2:05am   Last edited on Thu 11th Jan 2018 9:10am

Mike Evans

Literary Inspiration

I find myself getting stuck for ideas a lot and one of my friends suggested looking for quotes to be some kind of guiding point. I know there are a lot of great quotes out there, I've seen several on the message boards, but I'm a little loss at where you all find these. I've never been a real literary person and poetry tends to be a little over my head so simplistic quotes would work best for me. Where do you all find quotes? Any specific authors/notable figures you'd recommend looking up for ideas?

Added on Wed 10th Jan 2018 10:51pm   Last edited on Wed 10th Jan 2018 10:51pm

Endy Burke

I am not a poetic person either. If I ever posted anything on the message board, it was more a surge of the moment. You can type "motivational quotes" or "wise words about dying" in Google and read the results all day long. Posts by other members of this community also inspire me sometimes. 

Added on Thu 11th Jan 2018 9:10am   Last edited on Thu 11th Jan 2018 9:10am

Mike Evans

I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one. I've tried using google for those sorts of things before but there are just so many options out there that I end up getting a little lost. That's a good idea to check out the message boards here though. Thanks.