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Added on Sat 6th Jan 2018 1:43am   Last edited on Fri 19th Jan 2018 9:19pm

Endy Burke

Denying and walking away

I have been blessed with family members who are supportive of my condition, but I know some others are probably not as lucky as I am, Terminal illnesses are not easy to deal with, so some may choose to walk away from the fact. Do you leave messages for them too? What are the best things to do or say about such situation?

(My thoughts are with you all who face this kind of situation. Let me know if I can help you.)

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Melissa Perkins

I haven't had any family members walk away from me completely but some have put some distance between us that I don't think would be there if it weren't for the fact that I was sick. Sometimes, I'm angry with them for it or at least hurt, but sometimes I have the serenity to understand why they've put that space there and that it might not be a conscious decision. I haven't left any messages for them yet, not specifically at least, but I would like to leave them something during one of my more understanding moments. I don't want to make them feel guilty, but I do want them to know that I valued the time we did share together (whenever it was), you know what I mean?

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Mary Ellen Miller

Endy, it's nice of you to offer help to those who need it.  I imagine it would be incredibly difficult to face these issues alone.  My heart goes out to them.  

I've not lost any friends or family due to my illness.  Those who can't handle it seem to stick with denial rather than abandoning me.