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Added on Thu 21st Dec 2017 1:16pm   Last edited on Tue 9th Jan 2018 10:18am

Melissa Perkins

Leaving something for the holidays?

Are you going to make a special video/letter to be viewed by your loved ones during the holidays? If so, are you going to have it just be for their first holiday season without you or something they could play every year if they wanted? What kind of things are you going to mention?

Added on Tue 26th Dec 2017 3:23pm   Last edited on Tue 26th Dec 2017 3:23pm

Eric Rogers

I recorded three different messages, one for my wife, one for my kids, and one for my parents.  I've only created a message for the first Christmas that I'm gone because I know the first holiday will likely be the most difficult, but I don't want them to be sad year after year.  I want Christmas to stay magical for my kids.  I want my wife to move on and find new love if she can.  

Added on Tue 9th Jan 2018 10:18am   Last edited on Tue 9th Jan 2018 10:18am

Endy Burke

I only made a video back then for Christmas and New Year. It was just some simple greetings and wishes for their happiness. The kind of messages that I can say without the limitation of time and age. The kind of messages that will show my love. I believe that simple things will deliver such feeling best.