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Lena Powell

Recording... with someone

This thought has just crossed my mind while thinking about things I can do with the photos or videos. After saying so many things, I realize that I also want us to stay 'together', or at least show that "I'm with you" in a more direct way. Videos can 'immortalize' the moments in different ways from photos. Maybe I will take the video in secret or in a casual way so they won't notice that I keep the videos somewhere else. Have you ever done this, or at least considered it before?

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Barbara Johnston

I haven't done it or really considered it, but I can see the value in doing something like that. I don't know that you would even have to secretly record the video, maybe just don't mention exactly what you are recording for. 

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I say there are no rules! It's your life and your choice. I have made many videos for my son passing on all I know for his future at a time I believe I think he'll be ready to hear the life lesson I leave and in the only hope of saving him time and learning from my failings in life. 

Yet, I have made many with him also (sat on my lap) and we have laughed and joked as I know - one day - he'll watch those videos and see himself as a former child having fun with his dad. 

Our role with such tools I believe is not to "overthink it" - "do or do not" .. What we may fear is not a good video - one day to them will be a treasure of value we cannot comprehend. 

Ingaine today getting a video message from your great grand father .. Created 40 years ago and 'twas his intention you had that message today" ... How would you cherish it? How many times would you watch it? It'd be gold to you. 

And this is how one day we will be ourselves, as will they be one day given the world replaces all inhabitants pretty much every century. 

Don't overthink it! Just be mom or dad or whomever you are to those you love - that's my advise. 

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Mac Alanzo

I have never considered this option before. I suppose recording yourself with someone without them knowing exactly why could have futire benefits. Like showing how naturally you got along with each other.

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Barbara Johnston

I think annonymous above hit the nail on the head. We all have a tendency to overthink this whole process and that is not how it is meant. Do what you feel because in the end none of the video messages we leave are going to be considered "wrong" they will just be a treasured message to our loved ones. 

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Lena Powell

Barbara, I couldn't exactly bring myself to tell my family or friends that I record the videos for them. I'm worried that they will feel burdened or scared to say something or be who they are. I wish to capture the positive moments as much as I can because I want to give them strength in the future.

Still, sometimes they seem to understand what I'm thinking or feeling even without me saying it out loud, so maybe hiding is not necessary as well. I'm just not there yet. But recording together has inspired me to try many other things, so we'll see how it goes.

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Barbara Johnston

Lena this is definitely still a process for all of us. I am sure that no matter how you move forward with leaving your video memories that it will be a great comfort to those that they are meant for. 

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Pat Jomax

And that's what it is all about, giving your loved one's comfort. I do think it would be a nice suprise though to see ones self on a video journal like this when you had no idea about the filming at the time. 

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Amanda Conti

I imagine how many happy and fun moments I can capture and pass down while reading the posts above. I feel so moved knowing that I can share so much, not only by myself but by involving others as well. We need to choose executors for our legacy on this website anyway, so I know they will understand what we are trying to leave behind for them.

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Robert Gilmore

Lena, I'd never considered this idea before but there's certainly something there. I suppose, if you want everyone to appear as natural as possible without recording without their consent, perhaps over the holidays you could record something openly, say you're doing it for a "home movie"; an antiquated thing these days, I know. I find when a camera is around for an extended period of time and is just set up on a tripod, it's forgotten sooner or later. If you are more skilled than I, you could always try putting together old videos you have of you and your children from when they were younger. I only just realized that I have been constantly assuming that you are speaking of videos for your children. The same could go for any family member though old videos with friends might be harder to come by. Just a thought.

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Endy Burke

Maybe we can adapt the kids' way of making videos for the social media? For example, we can record a family gardening activity and add a special message at the end. I think it feels more natural to do it with the family than with my friends. They are all too old and too awkward to make such recordings!

Thanks for the idea, though. I didn't even imagine the possibility before I read your post.