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Annette Fisher

My mother the warrior ...

Hello everybody, I'm pleased to have found this site and here I am to introduce myself and my situation. 

My mother, mom, was diagnosed 5 months ago with Stage 3 cervical cancer. She was offered radiation therapy but she demanded surgery. Her specialist counseled against surgery at her age and that was when her fight began. She felt discriminated against because of her age. She's 78 and otherwise healthy, there was no reason why she could not have surgery.

She found another specialist and had the surgery a month ago. Angered that the disease was allowed free reign for 4 months and that the surgery may well be less successful that it could have been, she has become a warrior for a system of regular cervical screening for older women.

She's wonderful. I'm full of admiration for her. But I feel pulled in two directions. There's my need to care for her, to spend quality time with her during her ongoing treatment. On the other hand, there's the need for me to support her campaigning activities.

I know the way forward is to make her fight a part of our quality time - but, honestly, she's tiring me out! (And long may she continue to do so ...)



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Josh Reynolds

Hello, Annette, I'm glad you decided to share that story with us.  I can picture your mother the fierce fighter plain as day.  Ageism certainly plays a role in our medical care and it's often ridiculous.  She's lucky to have you on her side. 

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Ruth Barlow

Your mother sounds like a hoot, Annette!  I'm glad she stood up for her medical rights and is fighting for others to boot.  I'm glad you joined this community!

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Annette Fisher

Hello Ruth - yes she is a bit of a "hoot", a strong character with strong views; but also flexible and open to listening to others. Unfortunately, the cancer is now classed as Stage 4 and that did dampen her spirits. But when I encouraged her to talk about how she was feeling she said that she was p*****d because she'd now have less time to make things uncomfortable for the ageist establishment. She continues to fight for the rights of older people to be screened for all illnesses.