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Added on Wed 20th Dec 2017 11:15pm   Last edited on Thu 28th Dec 2017 1:28am

Pamela Spear

Hi, Im Pamela.

Hi all. I'm somewhere in my late 30s trying to battle this recurrent pneumonia for the past 2 years. It should have been easy if not for the HIV virus I've got in my body... I'm not giving up, I guess, but I'm preparing for the worst. I was talking to a friend about hospice care when I found this website. It's a beautiful work you guys do here, so I decided to join to learn a thing or two.

I hope you don't mind having me here. Nice to meet you all.

Added on Thu 21st Dec 2017 1:31pm   Last edited on Thu 21st Dec 2017 1:31pm

Maria Johnson

We are delighted to have you!!  Thanks for introducing yourself and welcome!!

Added on Thu 21st Dec 2017 10:58pm   Last edited on Thu 21st Dec 2017 10:58pm

Sofia Rodriguez

Hi Pamela, I'm glad you decided to join us.  I dig your positive attitude about not giving up.  I'm Sofia and can relate somewhat to your lung issues as I have lung cancer.  Air (okay, oxygen) is so very important, but it's something I never thought about until I couldn't breathe as well.  I hope to see you around here often. 

Added on Thu 28th Dec 2017 1:28am   Last edited on Thu 28th Dec 2017 1:28am

Pamela Spear

Thank you, Maria and Sofia. I know, right? Everyone else seems to do it so easily, so I get annoyed at my own body for not being able to do something so simple. Then again, it's no use blaming what has already happened. Let's enjoy the air while we still can. I hope your lungs are not acting up too much because of the season.