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Lillian Wilson

I am Lilly, a student with CF

Ive poured through many journal entries and forum posts here before I got brave enough to jump on board. My name is Lillian, but my friends and family call me Lilly for short.  Im 20 years old and Im a sophomore in college with cystic fibrosis.  I know many of you are married with children, so I hope youll bear with me.  I have a hard time relating to people my own age because they just dont have the same outlook or they dont know how to deal with someone who is sick.  Unfortunately, Im newly diagnosed with a nasty bacterial infection that is highly resistant to antibiotics.  During the visit I also learned that Im unlikely to be a candidate for a lung transplant.  It was a double blow, but not totally unexpected.  I'm remaining in school and plan to graduate on time, so I'm still gleefully hanging in there.  Im thankful I found you guys and can leave messages to my siblings and parents for when Im no more.  It helps.

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Maria Johnson

Thank you so much for joining us!  I hope you find support here!  They are an amazing group of people!!

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Sofia Rodriguez

Lilly, you are going to fit right in!  We come from all walks of life and your youth will be breeze of fresh air.  I saw that you received a full scholarship to college which is an amazing accomplishment!  Are you enjoying your Christmas break?  I can't wait to learn more about you.  

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Endy Burke

Hello there, Lilly. It makes me sad to see that someone as young as you have to deal with a disease so complex. The world seems unfair sometimes. However, you are blessed with a strong heart. I wish I was that strong in my youth. That's probably why people of your age have a hard time to relate to you.

I hope your family members and close friends are able to support you. I also hope you can find peace and strength from all of us here.

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Lillian Wilson

Thank you Maria, Sofia, and Endy for the warm welcome and kind words.  I appreciate the advice and support I've found among the group here.  I get lots of support from my family.  My parents insisted I go to college and accomplish all I can.  They made sure I've had a "normal" life as much as they could.  I'm also close with my siblings who keep me on level ground.  I wish I had more close friends my own age, but I understand that it's hard to let someone in  ]who might not be around the next year.  Overall, there's not much I can complain about. 

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Celia Torres

Hi Lilly, I know the post is kind of late but I still wanted to say hello to you. I had a friend with cystic fibrosis and your post makes me think of her. It was and still is hard for her to talk to her friends, but she hasn kept a positive outlook and I think that it has helped her a lot. It's great that you are going to continue to finsish school and stay positive.